My New Mobile Phone, Rover, Nokia N900

OS Maemo 5, based on Linux, is much different from Symbian 5th.

It seems that N900 would not be on market in Asia Pacific area, except Singapore. Although, traditional Chinese language support is not a problem.

This a funny game, Angry Birds, downloaded from Ovi store.

Pictures above show the game perfectly completed.


本篇發表於 Mobile Phone。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

4 Responses to My New Mobile Phone, Rover, Nokia N900

  1. Liwei 說道:

    nice pictures! n900 rocks! it\’s changed my daily life far more than i expected…GOOD LUCK!:)LIWEI

  2. Ken 說道:

    Did you try to flash the new firmware? It improves the battery consumption and seems effected to me.

  3. Liwei 說道:

    No, what\’s the latest version by the way? 2.2009.51-1.205.1 on my N900, seems not too much improvements on saving energy in any way I could identify, sigh…GOOD LUCK!^^LIWEI

  4. Ken 說道:

    I mean 3.2010.02-8, PR1.1.1 released on 16 Feb. You can try this or wait PR 1.2 probably released in end of this month.


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