Supernatural, Season 4, Episode 6: Yellow Fever

播出日期:美國時間 Thur 23 Oct.

Sam and Dean pretend FBI agents to investigate the mysterious deaths of several men who apparently dropped dead of fright. After visiting the friends of the victims, suddenly, Dean finds he is infected with the strange illness which starts as a general anxiety, then moves on to full-blown terror that eventually stops the heart. Sam must race against time to find the root of the disease to save Dean before he dies and is sent back to Hell.

This episode starts with an intense beginning. Dean frenziedly runs in the night. It seems that a terrifying monster is chasing him because his face looks nervous and scared. However, while he stumbles, the tracer appears just a cute small dog, a Yorkshire Terrier. Obviously, the funny scene not only pleases the audience but hints the death memory still persecutes Dean. In addition, there is much fun in this episode because Dean is not as valiant as usual. He is scared by many negligible things and screams like a little girl. However, due to some illusions Dean sees, the end is in a gloomy mood.

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