Supernatural, Season 4, Episode 4: Metamorphosis

播出日期:美國時間 Thur 9 Oct.

Due to being warned by Castiel, eventually, Dean is aware what Sam secretly doing with Ruby is using his extraordinary ability to torture demons for Lilith’s whereabouts. The brothers argue about Sam’s action owing to divergent reasons. Even though, whole this part is the only poor progress of main plot in the episode. The others are totally threadbare. Mission this week is a family man turning into a flesh-eating monster, specifically Rugaroo, a legendary creature in Laurentian French communities linked to European notions of the werewolf. The man who has the inheritance is going to become a cannibal if he eats people once. Since understanding the twisted destiny of the victim, Sam tries to convince him to control his bloody urges. However, Dean has an opposite opinion. He doesn’t think the animalistic behaviour can be subdued and decides to terminate it.

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