Supernatural, Season 4, Episode 3: In The Beginning

播出日期:美國時間 Thur 2 Oct.

Sam still does his work with demon Ruby. On the other hand, Dean is transported back in time and sees his unmarried parents, young John Winchester and Mary. He tries to know his parents again in 1973. Surprisingly, he discovers that young John is not a hunter but Mary is, and then he meets her parents, his grandparents also. Obviously, all things about hunter even including Dean’s name are from his mother side. However, Dean cannot stop something very bad happening to his new found grandparents’ family as the title hints.

In this episode, we could barely see cute Sam. There is only Dean and Castiel the angel, and young John who has a Sam-like look.

年輕的爸爸跟 Sam 真像

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