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Chien-Ming Wangchien_ming_wang

At 8, barely off the boat from Shanghai, I found my way to the American Dream, courtesy of my love for Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball. 

Now there’s Chien-Ming Wang. He’s a member of my tribe. He too wrestles with English. But he has more in common with Jackie than with me. The Yankees ace won 19 games last year, and as runner-up for the Cy Young Award, he is a rising star. In his island home, he is already a supernova. Whenever he pitches, whether it’s a live telecast or a rerun, Taiwan ditches its political woes and personal cares to huddle in the most unlikely places—from bars to beauty parlors to boardrooms—to cheer Chien-Ming. No matter that the fan shouting alongside is mandarin or mendicant, from the mainland or local born, a great-great-grandma with bound feet or a bare-bottomed tot, the voices are one.

王建民的地位就好比歷史上第一位登上大聯盟的非洲裔黑人球員Jackie Robinson (這完全是鬼扯),他是我民族的一員(這狂妄的口氣很像是言必稱十三億的某國人民),雖然他英文很爛(他英文不錯,只是少開口,連這都不知道還寫王建民),但是他像Jackie Robinson 多過像我(凸 = = )。這位洋基王牌去年贏得十九勝,是賽揚獎的熱門人選(這是前年的事),他是一個新崛起的明星,在他島內家鄉(作者一定是某國人),他已經是超新星。在台灣他會被到處追著跑。無論是來自大陸或本地,裹小腳的老奶奶或光屁股的小嬰兒為他加油的聲音都是一樣的。(整段明明是在誇獎王建民,可是我看了卻有一股很幹的氣在滋生)

Once Jackie’s excellence and elegance broke the color barrier. Nowadays the Ichiros, Dice-Ks and Chien-Mings of baseball are chipping away at the culture barrier. At a time when clashes of civilizations warm up in the on-deck circle, this 8-year-old heart dreams of a world as hopeful and intimate as bygone Ebbets Field.

昔日Jackie Robinson 的貢獻是打破膚色藩籬,現在棒球界這些鈴木一朗們、松阪大輔們和建民們(跟你很熟嗎?)正在打破文化的藩籬。

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